What kind of Explorer are you?

And why do you love the world?

I was faced with these two quite challenging questions when I stumbled onto the (brilliant) BBC travel website today! It’s not something I think I’ve ever really stopped and asked myself before. Why do I like exploring new places? Why does anyone? I kind of have an inkling that I just like seeing the world. I’m always intrigued that some people grow up and live in places on earth that I can’t imagine. I love trying new foods. I don’t go anywhere without a camera. All little ideas but I don’t think I’d be able to really articulate concisely an answer to these questions. But fear not, the BBC posed an online quiz to help me uncover some answers.  I was quite keen to find out, so I jumped straight into the survey! If you feel like finding out the same answers for you, you can take the quiz here.

I won’t ruin it by telling you all the questions, but they did kind of make me think about what is important to me. Question 7, “In a new place, what do you always have on you?” I thought was really interesting. Some of the multiple choice answers, were things like a phrase book so you can converse with the locals, or a restuarant guide so you know where to get the best food. For me, without fail, the 1 item that always comes with me is my camera. My trusty SLR and I have been together for 8 years now, which I think in the world where tech is replaced every 5 minutes, is a relative eternity. She’s a warrior (yes of course she’s a she!). As much I try to look after her, she’s been dropped, drenched, sunburnt, manhandled and frozen, yet she still ploughs on capturing everything I want her to!

So, after completing all of the questions, I found out the answer. I am a documentarian! Who knew?! If you don’t know what a documentarian is, see my description:

“For you, the only thing better than seeing a jaw-dropping view is capturing it forever. You thrive on finding the beauty around you, and showcasing it in stunning, unique ways. After all, there’s a big, beautiful world out there. It’s practically your duty to capture as much of it as possible!”

Thinking about it, how I’ve just written about my camera, I’d say it’s pretty much spot on.

So, what kind of Explorer are you?

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