In Vespa heaven!

Even though I have never owned one, I’ve always loved Vespas. If I was ever going to get a scooter, I don’t think I could get anything other than a Vespa – they just seem to carry off “cool” so easily!

On my recent trip to Spain I got a bit obsessed by them. Firstly, the Vespa seems to be the most popular means of transport for people to get around cities. This is quite unique for me, especially considering where I currently live, 2 wheels is definitely not the safest way to travel in Dubai. In Spain though, seemingly around every street corner, there is one parked up outside a cafe.fave Primarily its young teens you see bombing around on often beaten up old Vespas, but I also really liked seeing very well to do gentlemen riding to work on them too.

So I got a bit carried away and spent quite a bit of my holiday photographing as many interesting Vespas as I could find! I started out just taking pictures of every one I saw but then, as my little project evolved, I tried to find as many unique bikes as I could, different colours, different designs, or just plain antique PX’s that looked like they’d done a millions Kms!

I thought I would try to share my favourite Vespa that I found, but it is so hard to choose out of all the bikes I saw. Here’s a very small collection (from about 200 photos!) of some of my favourites, but if you keep reading you will see I narrow a favourite down to 2:

I absolutely love the really old bikes, like these two:

The English in me is quite drawn to the Vespas with the early 1960’s mod iconography:

But here are the two winners from 2 weeks travelling around Spain!

I didn’t see many yellow bikes, so this one wins on originality. Looks like it’s seen a few scrapes along the way too! And the other bike really caught my eye, firstly it’s silver and I loved the addition of some decoration!

#vespa #vespas

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