Hola! Como esta usted?

At the end of June, the Exploring continues! We’re flying to Barcelona for a friends wedding and then spending a couple of weeks travelling around as much of Spain as we can. Current route is Barcelona – Tarragona (for the wedding) – Granada – Seville – Madrid – Barcelona. So, in preparation for the adventure, I decided for my May monthly challenge to try to learn some Spanish.

I never learnt Spanish in school so I don’t even really have a base to build off. The extent of my Spanish skills come from a few different sources:

1.) The early trip to Nerja when I was 4, I think I learnt “Bambino” and maybe “Hola”!

2.) Later family holidays to Lanzarote, improved a little bit more, (Adios, Gracias etc)

3) Pulp Fiction. I know, what Spanish is there to learn in Pulp Fiction? A surprising amount (Buenos noches, Donde esta la Zapateria, Que hora es?)

So as you can see, I was pretty much starting from scratch!

Learning a language when you’re a bit older is quite hard! Firstly, trying to fit some learning into the day, between going to work and recovering at the weekend is proving to be quite difficult! The only real bit of free time I have is the drive to work, so I have discovered 15 minute “Learn Spanish” podcasts to listen to in the car. Turns out you can learn quite a bit from listening to Johnny Spanish and Christina!

But, the bigger issue seems to be that my brain is no longer the sponge it used to be when I was a kid! I forget words and phrases in minutes! No sooner I have I remembered my most likely needed phrase (Lo siento, no hablo espanol.), then I have forgotten it again!

I think, naturally the only way to learn a language properly is to live in the country and immerse yourself in it.Not sure 2 weeks travelling around Spain is going to build too much fluency for me, but it might help me string a sentence together.

Hasta la proxima!

One Reply to “Hola! Como esta usted?”

  1. I could have sworn you learnt some other phrases from Diana, Teresa and Manuel from ME days 😉 I still remember some of those! 🙂 Enjoy the trip!

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