Friday Photo – Arabian Sunset

It's almost nightfall in Dubai, The Palm is just about visible in the fading light as the the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf - a beautiful way to end a day in the UAE.

Friday Photo – Burj Al Arab

Thought I'd kick off my new feature, "Friday Photo", with a classic shot from Dubai. The Burj Al Arab, is, I think unofficially, the only 7 star hotel in the world! Even though it was completed over 15 years ago, it's still such a unique and iconic building. No matter where you see it from, …

Book Blind Date

When I was a kid, I used to really enjoy choosing a new book to read. Books you were forced to read at school were generally a bit dull, stuff you would never chose yourself but you didn't really have a choice. ¬†However, every year, during the school holidays when we went on our annual …

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