Friday Photo – Burj Al Arab

Thought I’d kick off my new feature, “Friday Photo”, with a classic shot from Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab, is, I think unofficially, the only 7 star hotel in the world! Even though it was completed over 15 years ago, it’s still such a unique and iconic building. No matter where you see it from, it always manages to look amazing, but you don’t realise how impressively massive it is until you get up close.  

This photo was taken from the Souq Madinat – I’m sure a million people around the world have the exact same photo, but I still thought it was a nice way to kick off Photo Friday!

Book Blind Date

When I was a kid, I used to really enjoy choosing a new book to read. Books you were forced to read at school were generally a bit dull, stuff you would never chose yourself but you didn’t really have a choice.  However, every year, during the school holidays when we went on our annual 2 week break, I got to chose a new book for the holiday from the airport book shop! It was almost my favourite part of the holiday and was a great way of passing the impossible 2 hours wait between arriving at the airport and getting on the plane!

Now though I find choosing a book a bit of a nightmare! I don’t know where to start. Unless someone has recommended something to me, I’m always a bit lost. I’m not someone who always reads the same author and I don’t really have a favourite genre. It’s not helped by having a kindle either. Every time I go into the Amazon book store, ironically for choosing a book, I can’t see the wood for the trees.

So, that’s why I loved the idea of this book stand I saw recently outside Elizabeths Bookshop in Freemantle – a Book Blind Date! You don’t know what book you’re choosing, they are completely wrapped up and all you get as a clue is a few bullet points to describe the story! I don’t know if it’s a completely original idea, but I’ve never seen it before.

One of my favourite quotes is “a half-read book is a half finished love affair”. What better way to start an affair than a blind date.