Only in “Straya”

Australia is a pretty unique country. Sure, it shares a lot of similarities with European countries, in particular with England, which you’d kind of expect, but I still think there are some things you see in Australia that are part of every day life there that you just don’t see anywhere else.

When we went back to Australia recently, I was surprised at how quickly I’d forgotten some of these little things – basically I think I had forgotten what a beautiful, sometimes brutal but brilliant country it is!

So while we were travelling around Western Australia on our little road trip I thought I’d document a few of the sights I saw that I haven’t seen in many other parts of the world!

For a start, Australia can be pretty awesome to look at:

Looking out over Bunker Bay, Western Australia
Evening sky set on fire in Shoalwater, Western Australia

However, despite the beauty it can also be pretty brutal at times.



Check Twitter to see if you’ll have a leg bitten off today!

Yet there are some just awesome little things that I absolutely love about Australia:

1.) Where else do you get your post delivered by a man dressed in fluro on a scooter?


2.) Does any other country have Driver Revivers?! These are Coffee and Tea Caravans, run by local community groups, offering a rest spot and a free cup of tea or coffee, a biscuit or even just a chat to tired drivers! They do an amazing job. We stopped at the one below on Easter Sunday and they gave us Easter eggs! Check out their website here to see how good they are!


And lastly, no-one does the Ute (with accompanying immense number plate) quite like Australia!


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