Exploring (a tiny piece of) Western Australia 

Over the Easter holidays, or Spring Break, or whatever you call the last couple of weeks, we got out of Dubai, and headed back to Australia. However, instead of going “home” to Sydney, we flew in to Perth, to explore a little corner of Western Australia for the first time.

We’ve got quite a few friends who live in Perth now, so it was great to catch up with them, albeit too briefly as always. A special thanks to Rebecca and Thom for their amazing hospitality and putting up with us for part of our travels!

After a weekend in Perth, we hired our tiny yet trusty Toyota and hit the road, heading south. Check out the map in the link above, (courtesy of Travellers Point), to get an idea of the route we took through South West WA. The region is famous for great beaches, world class surfing, stunning scenery and also, the beautiful wineries (and wines) of the Margaret River.

The small coastal towns of the area really remind me of Southern California. The beach towns like Yallingup and Dunsborough in WA for me have the same sort of feel to them as places like Laguna Beach, just south of Los Angeles. Really small, relaxed, surfing communities!

Bunker Bay is just incredible, unspoiled natural beauty where you could sit on the beach for a few hours and watch the waves go by.

Sunset on Bunker Bay
Sunset on Bunker Bay

While we were in the town of Margaret River, we went on an awesome wine tour of the surrounding wineries. I’m not normally a fan of day tours, but the day out with Harvest Tours included calling on some smaller wineries, that only really sell through their cellar door, and who match their wines to locally made produce. Trying all the wine with various delicious meats, cheeses and chocolates makes the day much more interesting. And also, if you’re doing a wine tour, getting someone else to do the driving is a lot more fun!

Capel Vale Winery
Capel Vale Winery

If you want a really relaxing break, love beautiful coastlines and good food and wine, then a visit to the tiny corner Western Australia should definitely be on your bucket list. If you want to check out more of Western Australia (and there is a lot more considering the state makes up one third of Australia!)  – have a look here

And as for being back in Australia? My thoughts on that were summed up in the line of a song that came on the iPod while we were driving the gorgeous South Western Highway to Denmark – Nothing else compares……..


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