Blogging Boot Camp!

So for the month of March I will be going back to school slightly as I aim to perfect the art of blogging! Bear with me as slowly try to improve my blogging skills and hopefully, one day, a visit to my blog might be a more enjoyable experience for you!

Task one is just to explain a little bit about me and why I am here. I think they mean “here” in the blogging sense, as opposed to what is my purpose in life? Not sure I could get that down in a blog tonight……

So, little bit about me. I’ve spent most of my life in England but then moved to Australia (with my then girlfriend and now wife, Caroline) and now we’re living the expat life in Dubai.

The content of my blog is pretty broad at the moment. Two of my favourite things to do are travelling and photography so basically I love seeing and experiencing as many new things as possible and then taking a photo of it! I’m also trying to slow my life down a bit, take in more of what is going on around me and spend more time doing some of the things I love doing, like reading or listening to music. So, anyway, what you’ll see here, if you have a look every now and again, is some photos I think are alright, some different places I’ve been to and some of the slightly more interesting things that I’ve been up to.

Why do I write a blog? When people ask me that question I seem to give a different answer each time. Partly because, when you live overseas, it’s a good way to show friends and family back home what you’ve been up to. But then, so is Facebook. It’s also partly because I watched a great Ted talk a while back about trying something new each month and doing it every day for 30 days and I thought, that might be the sort of project I could blog about. I also thought I could see if I could write a blog for 30 days! And partly I think I write a blog just to see if I can!

So that’s it at the moment. I’d probably sum up my blog as a space where I download random things I’ve done. I’d quite like to hone that over the next few months to something a bit more definitive, but for now, it might be quite eclectic!

6 Replies to “Blogging Boot Camp!”

  1. I’ve met a couple of Australians that now reside in Dubai. I can’t really understand why…From what I’ve seen so far on your blog, that might change.

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