One month at a time

I go through phases of watching Ted Talks. I won’t watch any for a while and then suddenly I remember I can watch them on my phone, ipad, laptop, TV, Playstation etc (is there anywhere you can’t watch Ted Talks?) and then I have an intense burst of watching “Ideas worth spreading”. There can’t be anyone left who hasn’t watched a Ted Talk, but just in case, you can check them out here.

So anyway, I was on there a while back, just browsing at random, and I found this talk by Matt Cutts. Not instantly recognisable as a famous speaker I expect, but he did a fantastic talk called “Try something new for 30 days“. The basic premise being that, over the course of a year, you try something new every month, and do it every day of the month. Now I’m always looking for New Years resolutions (like starting a blog) so Matts’ talk resonated with me somewhat. What I loved most about the idea of trying something for 30 days is, it’s only 30 days! The problem with New Years resolutions is, or my New Years resolutions is, you always think they have to be mind blowingly grand ventures. Matts’ philosophy is, they don’t. Just try something for 30 days, big or small – read a book, cycle to work, play the guitar, go running. Just do it every day for a month.

So, my New Years resolution is to do just that. Each month I’m going to try to do something, every day for 30 days. If my other News Years resolutions keep up I might even blog about it.


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