It’s my birthday, get me out of here!

Our recent trip back to England at Christmas coincided with my birthday and as a present my best friend booked us a session at Hint Hunt. ( I call it a “session” because I don’t really know what else to call it. Is it a game, or an experience? Or a stress filled hour?!

If Hint Hunt hasn’t hit a town near you yet (I know they’re in London, Paris and Dubai), let me explain the simple premise – Hint Hunt is officially classified as an Escape Game. Essentially you (and the rest of your team) get locked in a tiny room and then have 1 hour to solve a whole load of puzzles, mysteries or cryptic clues, with the objective of getting out in time! It’s basically kind of like Crystal Maze!

And it’s amazing! There are so many clues to solve, in such a short space of time that 1 hour passes in what feels like 10 minutes. You have to work as a team to solve a lot of the clues, but you also need to work separately otherwise you’ll never get through everything there is to look at to try to solve the mystery! Music plays in background the whole time you’re there, but it’s almost at a subliminal level – over the course of the hour it builds and builds without you really realising, but as the game reaches it’s climax, the music seems to have whipped you into a bit of a mystery solving frenzy!  It’s an adrenaline filled 1 hour and it leaves you breathless by the time you finish! And when you get out, the debrief of the game amongst your team (plus a little bit of competitiveness over who solved the most clues!) is almost as much fun as the game itself!

Now, I can’t go into the specifics of what happens because you can only play the game once and then you’ll know the answers to all the puzzles and how to escape the room. So I won’t give anything away. But in the London version of Hint Hunt there are 2 different mysteries to try, with more in the pipeline I think. SO if you play once you can still go back for more!

If you think you’re not really the sort of person who’s good at solving puzzles, don’t worry! During the game, the nice people at Hint Hunt watch your progress (or lack of!) and if they think you’re getting a bit stuck or going off in the wrong direction, they feed some handy hints to you via a TV screen to get you pointed back in the right direction.

I’d definitely recommend it and can’t wait to try some different stories with new puzzles. With a group of friends it’s great fun, a really unique way to spend an hour and honestly, after you’ve played the game, you never look at a 4 digit code or a seemingly random list of numbers in the same way again!

P.S Please excuse Christmas jumper theme!

Hint Hunt Dubai


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